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Our Managed Services Team monitors your systems, performs regular maintenance, schedules updates, inventories your devices, and monitors and reports any suspicious activity.


Included in every Managed Services contract is a managed AntiVirus solution, Patch Management, Remote Support, and a Managed Firewall solution.

Managed IT Services

Our Forensic Services Team can perform Forensic and Private Investigations of computer hard drives,  mobile phones, servers, and many other devices. We are Licensed in the State of Texas as a Private Investigation Firm (Texas Private Investigatior License number A20760).

Forensic Investigation Services

Our Financial Services Support Team has many years experience in the financial  industry providing Information Technology services.  We work closely with compliance to ensure a Financial Advisor is operating within guidelines with their technology and devices.  


The Financial Services Support Team works closely with the Managed Services Team to protect client data, manage the AntiVirus and Backup solutions,  and ensure all compliance rules are followed.  

Financial Support Services

Technology Consultants Group, LLC is a full service information technology consulting firm consisting of a Managed Services division, a Forensic Services division, Computer Repair division, and a Financial Services Advisor Support division.

Managed IT and Forensic Services

1. Managed IT Solutions

Forensic Investigations

Financial Advisor Solutions

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Whether your IT needs are large or small, our Solutions Team will find the best fit for you.

Technology Consultants Group, LLC

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